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Resin-EE Change Log

3.0 snap - Aug 31, 2004

  • Basic conversion completed.
  • Added basic @Stateful support
  • Added basic @Stateless support
  • Changed to unified entity LruCache

2.1.snap - Aug 19, 2004

  • Clear dead objects from EJB (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • Clear caching of dependent relation (rep by Scott Croco)

3.0.8 - Jun 8, 2004

  • Avoided NPE in PersistentManager (rep by T McAuley)
  • Fixed message bean receiving with new API (rep by Andrea Mari)
  • Add ContainerTransaction.setDescription (rep by T McAuley)
  • JDBC-backed Queue and Topic (rep by Travis Atkins and PeterB)

3.0.7 - Mar 25, 2004

  • Updated message-driven bean configuration (rep by Alon Salant)
  • method-parameters wasn't properly parsed in ejb.jar file (rep by Richard Esasterling)

3.0.5 - Jan 14, 2004

  • (2004-01-14) Misc JMS updates
  • (2003-11-12) Missing setDescription on EjbJar

2.1.12 - Dec 11, 2003

  • Support top for sql-server (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)

3.0.4 - Nov 3, 2003

  • QEntityContext creation needs to set the used flag on creation (rep by Francois Bertrand)
  • CMR issue case with collection and missing local key getter (rep by Rudy D'hauwe)

2.1.11 - Sep 8, 2003

  • (2003-08-21) Errors with EJB-QL disjunctions (rep by Mike Wynholds)
  • Exception thrown in ejbCreate does not force rollback (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • EJB validation problem with merged relations (rep by Max Kutny)
  • hessian handling of remote user (rep by Charbel El-Achkar)

3.0.2-beta - Aug 8, 2003

  • Added <boolean-literal> for literal configuration

3.0.1-beta - May 15, 2003

  • (2002-05-12) Uppercase of auth-method FORM needs to be recognized (rep by Jeff Miller)
  • Changed protection of _ejb_trans in __QPersist (rep by Chuck Adams)
  • (2002-04-22) Quercus comments weren't working (rep by Jason Chesko)
  • (2002-03-19) ClockCache was using == instead of equals
  • (2002-03-18) Update EJB to use ClockCache instead of LruCache
  • JMX needs to support the custom MBeanServerBuilder (rep by Michael Rumpf)
  • Added doc for custom login config (rep by Max Kutny).
  • Added custom sql to <query-function> (rep by Max Kutny)
  • xsi:schemaLocation was missing from ejb-jar.rnc (rep by Russ Egan)
  • queries need to add dependencies to the bean (rep by Max Kutny)
  • basic aliasing with identifying relationships (rep by Bo Glenn)
  • IIOP issues with generating the IOR (rep by Fabien Thiriet)
  • added auto-gen support for String based keys when getGeneratedKeys is available (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)

2.1.10 - Jun 18, 2003

  • getCollection() wasn't allowed to use old bean in some cases (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • cache-size overflow wasn't handled cleanly (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • (2003-05-21) Date allowed as primary key (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • (2003-04-29) Hessian serialization of byte[] was using writeBinary instead of writeBytes. (rep by zayda)

2.1.9 - April 16, 2003

  • (2003-04-08) test.ejb depends wasn't properly cleared on server restart (rep by Max Kutny)
  • (2003-03-26) ejb.jar needs to accept META-INF/foo.ejb (rep by Jorgen Wahlberg)
  • (2003-03-14) IIOP stub code generation issues (rep by Fabien Thiriet)
  • order dependency in ejb-relation with foo.ejb and foo-resin.ejb (rep by Daniel Lopez)
  • create with failed ejbCreate wasn't properly removing the bean from the cache (rep by Max Kutny)

2.1.8 - Mar 6, 2003

  • (2003-02-25) create was throwing DuplicateKeyWrapper when it should have thrown CreateException
  • missing from Resin-EE (rep by Kevin Skidmore)
  • IIOP server in subpath (rep by Fabien Thiriet)

3.0.0 - Feb 13, 2003

  • added require-source to <compiling-loader> (rep by Max Kutny)
  • beans sharing same classes need to be distinct (rep by Frank Juang)
  • (2003-01-08) In Map relations, FinderException but not ObjectNotFoundException should throw EJBException (rep by Max Kutny)
  • handling Maps with local keys missing (rep by max Kutny)
  • adding logs for select/activate (rep by Max Kutny)
  • missing primary key type checking (rep by Max Kutny)

2.1.snap - Jan 8, 2003

  • (2003-01-08) <order-by> in collections should allow multiple order-by (fixed! by Upil)
  • MySQL table generation should use DATETIME instead of TIMESTAMP (rep by Michael Wynholds)
  • (2002-12-17) removed lower limit of 1024 on the entity-cache-size (rep by Sher)
  • read-only was improperly setting Supports as ejbHome and business method transaction (rep by Max Kutny)
  • (2002-12-04) identifying primary key issue with a particular config (rep by Joseph Toth)
  • getCollection().add(...) shouldn't select entire db (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • EJBCompiler should allow multiple *.ejb (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)

2.1.6 - Nov 8, 2002

  • n-m with int primary key failed regression (rep by Andrew Barton)
  • Print enclosed stack trace from FinderExceptionWrapper (rep by Max Kutny)
  • (2002-11-07) n-m with int primary key failed regression (rep by Andrew Barton)
  • Print enclosed stack trace from FinderExceptionWrapper (rep by Max Kutny)
  • (2002-11-01) Fix handling of unidirectional 1-n with int primary key (rep by Mike Wynholds)
  • Fix -app-dir usage() printing in EJBCompiler (rep by Dash Sam)
  • Generated EJB skeleton does not depend on the impl class or the bean class, only the interfaces (rep by Andrew Barton)

2.1.5 - Oct 4, 2002

  • (2002-09-26) EntityConfig validation was missing prim-key-class check (rep by Max Kutny)
  • Allow LIMIT 1 to work with find methods with single values (rep by Max Kutny)
  • insufficient validation of container-transaction (rep by Max Kutny)
  • (2002-09-24) EJB depends on custom key class (rep by Max Kutny)
  • validator was throwing exception for cmp-field with missing impl (rep by Max Kutny)
  • ejbRemove doesn't need to throw RemoveException (rep by Rick Hightower)
  • (2002-09-23) Collection/read-only sync issues (rep by Jan Heise and Adam Langley)
  • Map example fixes (rep by Tauren Mills)
  • Burlap/Hessian Stub fixes to ensure that exceptions aren't caught twice (rep by Alon Salant)
  • primitive key types must treat columns as NOT NULL (rep by Adam Langley and Max Kutny)
  • (2002-08-30) create should try PersistentUtils.getGeneratedKeys (rep by Joseph Toth)
  • (2002-08-26) sql-column with references and n-1 relation (rep by Bo Glenn)
  • (2002-08-07) count(..) needs to deal with multiple-key objects (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)

2.1.4 - Aug 2, 2002

  • PersistentBean needs to understand interface vs impl (rep by Andre van Dalen)
  • EJBCompiler needs to throw wrapped exception (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • Add error checking with cascade-delete on wrong side (rep by Yannick Menager)

2.1.3 - July 23, 2002

  • (2002-06-24) Added proper JNDI for Burlap and Hessian (rep by Alon Salant and Christian Bauer)
  • (2002-06-21) query returning int can return Integer from ejbSelect (rep by Chris Beck)
  • Bean introspection wasn't catching field defined in interfaces (rep by Nicholas Lesiecki)
  • Allow Burlap/Hessian to instantiate classes with non-zero-arg constructors (rep by Rene Palad)
  • primary key decoding was ignoring protocol (rep by Joseph Toth)
  • brought Burlap into sync with Hessian
  • Added resin-isolation='row-locking' to EJBServer (rep by Jan Heise and Max Kutny)
  • Added jdbc-isolation to EJBServer (rep by Jan Heise)

2.1.2 - June 11, 2002

  • (2002-06-06) find and ejbSelect methods are read-only
  • (2002-06-04) Made generated inner constructor public to workaround jikes bug (fixed! by David Soergel)
  • Burlap specify expected class for array s(rep by Rene Palad)
  • Error messages for the DataSource were using java:comp/jdbc/test no matter the actual setting (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • query-function was only allowing a single item (rep by Sunil Kamath)
  • (2002-05-28) Make transaction-timeout configurable in EJBServer (rep by Rene Palad)
  • disabled same-jvm optimization for Burlap (rep by Luiz Parzianello)
  • relationship-role needs check for exactly two elements (rep by Mark Crowthers)
  • result-type-mapping was missing from query element (rep by Maykey Tres)
  • int max(int) signature added to FunExpr (rep by Andre van Dalen)
  • char arguments in ejbSelect weren't treated as Strings for function matching (rep by Andre van Dalen)
  • (2002-05-22) cached beans weren't timing out in find, waiting for the getData (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • Relations in separate packages weren't handling ejbSelect preload (rep by Nicholas Lesiecki and Ron Tapia)
  • Checking for null relation in finder needs to set null type (rep by Joseph Toth)

2.1.1 - May 13, 2002

  • check for null with local interfaces in find method (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • IN ('a', 'b') fixes (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • (2002-05-13) collections getters should be treated as getter
  • collections need to have cache-timeout controlled by owning bean (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • Added -app-dir for EJBCompiler (rep by Thomas Memenga)
  • (2002-05-09) Hessian stub generator was generating wrong code for Date (rep by Marc Villenueve)
  • (2002-05-06) regression
  • (2002-04-30) implicit relation code generation problems (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • (2002-04-28) regression cleanup
  • Lazy ejbLoad of fields
  • (2002-04-23) Allow ?2 in ORDER BY (rep by Kirk Rasmussen and Timothy Falconer)
  • Added resin-isolation
  • Added query-loads-bean (rep by Christian Sell)
  • ejb-ql LIMIT support for Postgres and unknown databases
  • Hessian and Burlap need to handle Throwable like Exception (rep by Nicholas Lesiecki)
  • (2002-04-17) getId() does not need to be in local interface (rep by Daniel Lopez)
  • Added method configuration to resin-ejb
  • Added query-function to resin-ejb (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • <2002-04-15) Hessian stub wasn't throwing accurate exceptions (rep by Nicholas Lesiecki)
  • Several IIOP 1.2 protocol fixes (rep by Joseph Toth)
  • DependentServer no longer exists (rep by Drew Davidson)
  • Added data-source to <entity> config (rep by Luiz Claudio Parzianello)
  • Update only EJBs affected by a relation not necessarily target (rep by Nicholas Lesiecki)
  • Can't use _caucho as a temporary SQL name for Oracle (rep by Paul Visan)
  • (2002-04-08) Add single read load optimization (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • Remove Lock code (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • Cleanup _EJB dependencies (rep by Nicholas Lesiecki)
  • Allow separation of Resin-specific configuration from EJB configuration. (rep by Daniel Lopez)
  • auto-compile wasn't propagaged to persistence (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • EJBcompiler needs Thread.setContextClassLoader (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)

2.1.0 - March 26, 2002

  • EJBcompiler needs a wrapped DynamicClassLoader (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • (2002-03-22) sql-column was broken for collections (rep by Mike Wynholds and Kirk Rasmussen)
  • (2002-03-20) Quercus: Added Weblog replaced WeblogComment with general Comment
  • Quercus: eliminated Product/S2 and replaced with general Category
  • Quercus: UserRoles now is identifying relation
  • Quercus: passwords now MD5(user:password)
  • cleanup object releases in TransactionContext (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • byte [] wasn't being set to setBinaryStream property (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • create methods were wrapping custom exceptions (rep by Rudy D'hauwe)
  • (2002-03-18) added sql-column/references (rep by Joseph Toth and Christian Sell)
  • (2002-03-16) issues with identifying relation and 1-1 implicit (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • (2002-03-13) Avoid setBytes because of Oracle bug (rep by Drew Davidson)
  • Added com.caucho.ejb.EJBCompiler (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • (2002-03-08) regression
  • (2002-03-05) java.util.Date wasn't retrieved properly
  • error message for bad data-source was swallowed (rep by Guido Schoonheim)
  • (2002-03-01) added queue-connection-factory to EJBServer
  • better error message for relations returning mismatches (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • added database init for SQL Server (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • (2002-02-27) setString generated by EJB needs to check for null and call setNull
  • Set return values had mismatch with removeImpl signature
  • added entity-cache-size, entity-cache-timeout, and lock-timeout (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • Added ejb-config-dir as init-param to EJBServer (rep by Joseph Toth)
  • autogen sql now supports auto-increment for mysql, postgres, oracle
  • (2002-02-15) restrict relation alias checking (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • added com.caucho.ejb.TableLockFactory (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • basic implementation of create-database-schema
  • Added lock-factory as an init-param (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • (2002-02-13) aliasing of sql-name with cmp-field must throw exception
  • (2002-02-11) fillKeys needs transaction sync to get updates (rep by Nicholas Lesiecki)
  • ejbSelect with single value can return null (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • (2002-02-08) Fixed IS EMPTY (rep by Rick Hightower)
  • Added MEMBER OF (rep by Rick Hightower, Andy Barton, Paul Visan)
  • n-1 collection was inadvertantly affected by 1-1 fix (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • (2002-02-07) CMP can't use sql-table-name for Java field for tables with '.' (rep by Kirk Rasmussen)
  • Added order-by for collection relations (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • (2002-02-01) 1-1 relations were not handled properly with non-bidirectional tables
  • (2002-01-31) Unloaded locals need to be able to reference reloaded local (rep by Anders Vesterberg)
  • (2002-01-30) Use short fields for work around DB ORDER BY (rep by Anders Vesterberg)
  • wasn't properly handling null for relations (rep by Drew Davidson)
  • (2002-01-27) Major rewrite to change EJB configuration to resource-ref
  • (2002-01-15) In CMP, ejbFindXXX methods can now be implemented (rep by Frederic R)
  • findXXX methods were incorrectly rolling back transactions (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • Added burlap message support.

1.0.5 - Jan 10, 2002

  • CMP column validation no longer needs count (rep by Max Kutny)
  • (2002-01-02) regression cleanup
  • (2002-01-01) create methods weren't obeying new locking scheme.
  • getKey() methods shouldn't load the bean (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • Integer fields weren't handling null (fixed! by David Soergel)
  • added lock-timeout to EJBServlet's init-param (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • Burlap return of void object needs to be <null></null>
  • (2001-12-31) findXXX methods weren't handline interface extensions properly (rep by Max Kutny)
  • added EJBAdmin as caucho.ejb.admin with cacheInvalidate (rep by Thomas Memenga)
  • transaction timeout now rolls the transaction back (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • added getCollection() transaction assert (rep by Nicholas Lesiecki)
  • added cache-size and cache-timeout (rep by Roger Campbell)
  • create debug needs to be after super.ejbCreate call (rep by Nicholas Lesiecki and Ron Tapia)
  • (2001-12-28) Configurable lock-factory with LockFactory and Lock and made ExclusiveLockFactory the default (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • removeImpl() was setting updateCount instead of changeCount (rep by Rick Hightower)
  • setXXX(Collection) was stubbed out (rep by Rick Hightower)
  • (2001-12-27) composite key create with autogen key field
  • Identifying relationship with autogen key field
  • (2001-12-26) Write lock contention performance issues (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • Object(o) wasn't testing types correctly (rep by Christian Sell and Rick Hightower)
  • (2001-12-13) First Resin-EJB snapshot
  • completed message-driven beans
  • need to check metadata before querying database for tables and columns (rep by Rick Hightower)
  • rollbacks should throw the underlying exception when possible (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • stateless session beans can call remove()
  • relation with multiplicity=1 update wasn't convering key to object (rep by Joseph Dane)
  • (2001-12-13) Cleanup writeLock logic (rep by Serge Knystausas)
  • Change table/column validation to use SELECT count(col) ... WHERE 0=1 (fixed! by Thomas Memenga)
  • (2001-12-12) verify that collection modification happens in same context as the collection is obtained (rep by David Soergel)
  • isIdentical can't delegate to equals (rep by Joseph Dane)
  • equals and hashCode for entity objects should not be remote calls (rep by Joseph Dane)
  • (2001-12-11) Only jars in WEB-INF/lib and *.ejb are automatically deployed
  • improved testing of *.ejb change date
  • relations need to be verified before find/select query processing (rep by Joseph Dane)
  • (2001-12-08) reload on *.ejb change
  • Integer relationship keys weren't handling null properly (fixed! by David Soergel)
  • (2001-12-05) collection relations with methods not in local interface generated bad code (rep by Nigel Taylor)
  • multiple collection relations would generate bad QPersist code (rep by Nigel Taylor)
  • (2001-12-03) env-entry wasn't handling compound names (rep by Christian Sell)
  • default.sql changes to cleanup examples for postgres (fixed! by Paul Snively)
  • parent interfaces weren't properly validated (rep by Rick Hightower)
  • (2001-11-28) sql-name missing from identifying relation ejbCreate (rep by Christian Sell)
  • added env-entry (rep by Christian Sell)
  • persistent relations don't need to be in local interface (rep by Christian Sell)
  • (2001-11-21) jdbc-ref wasn't properly used in error messages (rep by Christian Sell)
  • primkey-field not allowed with composite key (rep by Anders Vesterberg)

1.0.4 - Nov 16, 2001

  • EntityLocals need to be serialized differently than Remote (rep by Serge Knysautas)
  • getPublic must be allowed (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • Beans which are about to be DELETEd shouldn't also UPDATE set their relations (rep by Serge Knystautas)
  • BETWEEN needs to allow date (rep by Nicholas Lesiecki)
  • Added identifying relation examples.
  • (2001-11-11) added mapping relation with identifying relation
  • (2001-11-08) clearing a relation with an int field must call setNull, not setInt(0) (rep by Matthew Pangaro)
  • BeanSkeletonGenerator needs to throw better MethodNotFoundException (rep by Christian Sell)
  • abstract methods implemented in a subclass were treated as abstract.
  • added method-permission
  • basic message-drive-bean implementation
  • need to throw exception when setting primary key outside of ejbCreate (rep by jelmer)
  • sql-name should be allowed in cmr-field (rep by Christian Sell)
  • (2001-10-30) more regression failures due to composite key changes
  • (2001-10-26) regression failures due to composite key changes
  • (2001-10-24) same JVM, but separate web-apps need proxy serialization.
  • Composite keys were not implemented according to the spec (rep by Nicholas Liesiecki and Rick Hightower)

1.0.3 - Oct 17, 2001

  • `>' and '>=' weren't parsed properly (rep by R Tapia)
  • (2001-09-28) Update view beans when primary beans change (rep by Nicholas Lesiecki)
  • java.sql.Date wasn't handled as a field (rep by Michal Mosiewicz)
  • StatelessServer needs to retry create() when it fails initially (rep by Michal Mosiewicz)
  • collection.add() and remove() must throw illegal argument exception if bad argument (rep by Michal Mosiewicz)
  • n-1 with int primary key wasn't checking key list properly (rep by Neil Aggarwal)
  • Burlap base64 encoding wasn't properly masking bytes
  • (2001-09-24) local interface needs to be public (rep by Michal Mosiewicz)
  • added composite primary key (rep by Michal Mosiewicz)
  • delete order wasn't correct in dealing with foreign keys (rep by Rick Hightower)
  • ejb-ql type checking wasn't allowing int = Integer (rep by Rick Hightower)
  • (2001-09-11) rollback in ejbPostCreate didn't rollback object properly (rep by Kai Zaunick)
  • (2001-09-04) date comparison `<' must accept java.sql.Timestamp, etc. (rep by Paul Hettl)
  • date queries must accept java.sql.Timestamp, etc. (rep by Curtis Spencer)
  • Added mapping: getFoo(int i) and setFoo(int i, String value)

1.0.1 - Aug 27, 2001

  • create code must use SQL-name for id. (rep by Paul Visan and Nicholas Lesiecki)
  • EJBServlet should accept jdbc-ref='jdbc/test' (rep by Neil Aggarwal)
  • boolean field needs to use getBoolean (rep by Michal Mosiewicz)
  • In persist.Generate, setNull should include type (rep by Jim Walkin)
  • char should be allowed as primary key (rep by Adam Langley)
  • ejbCreate should automatically detect unset keys (rep by Rick Hightower and Nicholas Lesiecki)
  • (2001-08-15) added source-cascade-delete and target-cascade-delete
  • cmp-field validation error message was printing wrong method (rep by George Moshovitis)
  • All the functions in the JDBC 2.0 core should be allowed (rep by Adam Langley)
  • LIKE should allow ?1 as pattern (rep by Anders Vesterberg)
  • use _ejb as a package prefix (rep by Anders Vesterberg)
  • Allow burlap clients outside of Resin (rep by Jim Paterson and Travis Romney)
  • Added SQL for the entity config test (rep by Rick Hightower)
  • (2001-08-07) fixed unidirection relation updates when bean is remove
  • ejb configuration can now refer to beans defined in another ejb configuration file (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • (2001-07-31) support serializable fields
  • support byte[] fields (fixed! by Rick Hightower and Nicholas Lesiecki)
  • handle select overloading properly (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • HandleEncoder didn't handle session ids (rep by Rafael Luque Leiva)
  • (2001-07-24) cleaned up delete callback to EntityServer (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • 1-1 relation with select was using wrong column (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • Use metadata when possible for field/column validation (rep by Rick Hightower and Nicholas Lesiecki)
  • Support BigDecimal (rep by Rick Hightower and Nicholas Lesiecki)
  • Catch exceptions thrown by bean constructor (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • Added LIMIT (mysql only) (rep by George Moshovitis)
  • Added DESC and ASC to ORDER BY (rep by George Moshovitis and Gerret Apelt)
  • (2001-07-20) BMP custom primary key support (rep by Rafael Leiva)
  • select with zero integer value was throwing ObjectNotFoundException
  • More cases of missing update with remove (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • (2001-07-10) missing update with remove of n-1 relation (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • Home.remove(obj) wasn't properly handled (rep by George Moshovitis)
  • Expressions now allowed in select expressions
  • fixes to parsed method-name (fixed! by Gerret Apelt)
  • allow parsed method-name
  • source-ejb, etc in ejb-relation. (rep by Gerret Apelt)

1.0.0 - July 9, 2001

  • Support Byte, Integer, etc as cmp fields (rep by Jerome Audouy)
  • Support full paths in LocalContextFactory (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • Added 'distributed' option to EJBServlet
  • better transaction locking (rep by Jedi Huang)
  • better wrapping of FinderExceptions for findByPrimaryKey (rep by Jerome Audouy)
  • sql-name in cmr-field is forbidden (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • added ORDER BY (rep by George Moschovitis)
  • ejbRemove has trouble with relations and primary key as int
  • findByValue had trouble when primary key was int (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • methods duplicated in subinterfaces were generated twice (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • AbstractServer was over-hasty in catching ejb-name conflicts
  • (2001-06-26)
  • getDate and setDate null pointer issues (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • Queries for n-1 relations use wrong name (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • PersistentList.Iterator's remove was incorrect (rep by Gerret Apelt)

1.0.b3 - June 24, 2001

  • findByFoo(TestLocal) should be allowed (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • Added PersistentSet
  • validate getXXX and setXXX methods (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • check for illegal duplicate elements (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • added cascade-delete
  • Local objects no longer need load-on-startup or full url
  • Support Object(h) in EJB-QL (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • Support SELECT DISTINCT in EJB-QL (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • Support IN( syntax for EJB-QL (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • changed try {} block in ejbRemove to avoid compiler problem (rep by Jerome Audouy)
  • handle multiplicity one and many for 1-n unidirectional
  • redesign generated code to handle rollbacks better (rep by Jerome Audouy)
  • find returning collection must support Integer keys (rep by Alexander Dergatch)
  • find returning collection in LocalHome was returning EJBObject (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • cmr-field must detect when return type is bad or method not implemented (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • Upgraded cmr validation
  • JDBC validation must not stop entire web-app (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • BurlapContext lookup of a local bean must throw an exception (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • LocalContext lookup of a remote bean must throw an exception (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • added sql-name for cmp-field
  • Must detect when column is missing (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • cmp-version wasn't allowed (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • added sql-table-name
  • Must detect when ejb-names conflict (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • Need better error message for missing JNDI for DataSource (rep by Gerret Apelt)
  • Support Integer as primary key (rep by Alexander Dergatch)
  • Fixed distribution error
  • Let database generate primary key (rep by Jerome Audouy)
  • Support Long as primary key (rep by Stephane Huther)
  • EJBLocalHome and EJBLocalObject from the new EJB 2.0 spec
  • EJB find with collections was broken (rep by Dmitri Maximovich)
  • Added getCallerPrincipal using Resin 2.0 SecurityContext.

1.0.b2 - April 17, 2001

  • removed ::burlap:meta, replacing it with _burlap_getAttribute
  • allow Integer as primary key (rep by Joris Verschoor)
  • fixed dpo relation set entity bean transactions
  • CMP data-source needs to be configurable (rep by HR Harkins)
  • foo_bar needs to map to getFooBar (rep by Rich Harkins)
  • fixed loader issues with the ;ejbid=meta (rep by Dino Fancellu)
  • BMP finder can return Collection and Enumeration (rep by Dmitri Maximovich)
  • Completed session beans
  • Changed Burlap encoding for EJB objects.
  • SML-RPC renamed "Burlap"
  • Major redesign to separate core from protocols
  • SML-RPC now supports standard XML entities
  • EJB-QL implemented except for remote finder methods and 'IN'
  • basic n-m relations
  • Completed dependent object create
  • ObjectSkeleton and HomeSkeleton are now serializable
  • Support EJB-QL functions: concat, substring, locate, length, abs, sqrt
  • Support EJB-QL IS NULL
  • Support EJB-QL LIKE
  • Support EJB-QL BETWEEN
  • remove interface now validated.
  • home interface now validated.
  • Clients can now use jndi context.
  • ejbRemove method now generated for CMP entity beans
  • ejb-jar.xml and *.ejb now picked up automatically
  • find<method> now generated for CMP entity beans
  • ejbHome<method> now allowed in entity beans
  • clients accessing beans in the same JVM use in-JVM serialization
  • clients accessing beans in the same classloader use pass-by-reference
  • multiple beans now allowed per server
  • added /__smlrpc__:meta virtual object for meta requests
  • removed type from the handles and from <remote>
  • added MetaStub for direct calls
  • String []getFoo() could generate [Ljava/lang/String; instead of String[] (rep by uwe schaefer)
  • Initial implementation of EJB 2.0 CMP

1.0.b1 - Sept 12, 2000

  • Sessions and bean-managed entity beans

0.1.0 - June 5, 2000

  • SML-RPC serializer
  • Initial session bean stub and skeleton generators.

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